Random Recent Bookish Links

Some interesting links I’ve come across recently:

New words I’ve come across in the last few months while reading (most of these are courtesy of Nabokov and Barthelme): farrago, rubicund, convives, cognomen, parhelia, regicide, chrysoprase, pudibundity, aphorism, iridule, lemniscate, panoply, speluncar, maculation, nenuphars, skoramis, nictitation, scholium, apopemptic, ephebe, feuilletonist, sibylline, somnambulist, clairaudient, excoriate, kismet, doxology, muscatel, malefic, garrote, oubliette

And in recent acquisitions… My neighbor asked me if we wanted some more poetry. I said yes and this is what he handed over…



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