Recently Discovered Words

Original art by monkeelino.






As I’m reading, I often come across words I don’t know, have never heard of, or have never clearly understood. I try to note these down on the back page(s) of the book and follow up by looking up their definitions. Here are the most recent ones:
eudaemonism | gnosiology | mastodonic | schlimazel | zwitterion | gustviter (couldn’t find a definition for this one but someone did put together a list of words from Mitchell’s Number 9 Dream with links to most definitions) | durzi | theopneust | algolagnia

And on a purely comical note: There are some words you have heard your whole life but never seen in print… Imagine my surprise when I saw the word “clotheshorse” in writing a few months ago after thinking the word was “clotheswhore” for the last 20+ years!


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